Import of Polyamide and Melamine Plastic Kitchenware from China and Hong Kong arriving in GB via the Channel Tunnel.

Ashford Port Health - Sevington Inland Border Facility is currently being developed to carry out official controls of imports coming into the United Kingdom (UK) via the Channel Tunnel, following Brexit.

The facility has not yet been designated as a Border Control Post (BCP) and is therefore not able to carry out any related imported control checks.

All imports of controlled products into the UK must come through a BCP that is designated to carry out import checks of the products. Here is a link to the DEFRA website that you may wish to use to select a BCP to import your product.

Consignments of plastic kitchenware that are imported via the Channel Tunnel through Ashford before it has received its BCP designation will be considered unlawful imports. Neither Ashford Port Health nor any other BCP are able to carry out the checks retrospectively.

There is no provision in the regulations to allow such consignments to be sent to another BCP for checks. The Official Feed and Food Controls (England) Regulations 2009 gives the enforcement authority where product is introduced the powers of detention, destruction, re-dispatch and other appropriate measures, as well as the powers to recover the cost for actions taken.

For advice on the ‘Imports of Polyamide & Melamine Plastic Kitchenware from China & Hong Kong’ visit the FSA website.

The FSA have released important information regarding products entering the UK made from Bamboo and Plastic 

Once designated as a specific first point of introduction (FPI) Border Control Post (BCP) for the imports of Polyamide & Melamine Plastic Kitchenware from China & Hong Kong, importers intending to use Ashford Port Health will be required to pre-notify Ashford Port Health at least two working days in advance of the estimated date and time of physical arrival of consignments. Further advice on the pre-notification process will be available later. Consignments will be subject to 100% documentary checks and 10% will be selected for identity and/or physical checks (including laboratory analysis). Consignments must be accompanied by a declaration and a laboratory report demonstrating compliance with the limits set out in the legislation.

Ashford Port Health website will be updated with a start date as soon as the facility has been designated as a BCP.